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How Thinking of Winning the Lottery Can Have a Negative Effect on You

Winning the lottery is the dream that we all think of at times. Some of us think of it as a possibility and why not just try are luck. Other people think about it all the time and it consumes their mind day in and day out. They constantly think about what they will buy and who will they give money to. This is a dream that can be fun to think about but when you think about it all the time it can make your reality feel a lot worse than it already is.
If you find yourself thinking about how you can win the lottery all the time and obsessing over the dream. Then you might want to consider on how this obsession is having a negative effect on your life. If you are thinking about winning millions of dollars. You are probably dealing with a lot of stress in your life, feel like quitting your job, hate your job, or you just can not find away to be happy without having money to spend. It is ok to want things but always thinking about how you can get it handed down to you by winning the lottery is just a waist of your time.

Becoming a millionaire overnight with that lucky ticket can happen and it dose. Weather you feel like you disserve it or it is owed to you because of all the times you have bought lottery tickets, it really dose not matter. There is not a money God who decides who will win the big won or not. It is all luck and you are going up against millions of people who feel the same way you do.
If you are thinking about the dream of becoming rich over night all the time. You might want to refocus and put that thought in the back of your mind. Thinking about having a million dollars compared to what you already have, makes what you have seem pretty pathetic. That is how it has a negative effect on you. You stop appreciating what you have.
Everyone has the potential to get what they want. It is all about believing in yourself, setting goals and trying to find that extra energy to put more effort in. Why not try to use this time to think of a plan on how you can start accumulating more money rather than waiting for it to fall in your lap. Why not use that money you are spending on the lottery or gambling away and put it in a savings account for some future investments. Your chances of living the dream can and will happen this way if you can just stick with your plan.