How to Tell Authentic Ugg Boots from Imitators

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It is hard not to notice Ugg boots on the street, in fashion magazines, or even in world-wide gossip magazines. That is because rich and famous international celebrities have been photographed in them for the last couple of years. Ugg Shoes-Australia boots first reached upscale surroundings through its advertising in high-end distributors such as Nordstrom's. However, after Oprah Winfrey's endorsement, sales have expanded to the general public, who obviously wishes to experience the same luxury and comfort as their idols.

The Ugg Shoes-Australia product line has grown rapidly, with many expansions planned for the upcoming year. It is clear that people from all walks of life have discovered the joy of Ugg boots, as well as the prestige of owning a pair.

In fact, the increased popularity has had an unexpected and unfortunate result: the introduction of imitation Ugg boots. Unsuspecting buyers can easily end up with irritating pig hide or cow skin instead of sheepskin, and find it far less enjoyable than they expected!

1. Determine whether a pair of boots referred to as Uggs are actually manufactured by the authentic company, Ugg Shoes-Australia, is to investigate the material.
Real Uggs use double-faced sheepskin, which is comprised of layers of sheepskin with fleece. If pigskin is used in place of sheepskin, it is usually evident by small holes repeated throughout the material.

2. Genuine Uggs made by Ugg Shoes-Australia display excellent stitching, with no gaps or unevenness. Edges are finished and the entire boot has a smooth and finished bottom rim. In addition, the soles are very pliable, in comparison to rigid soles often found on imitation Uggs.

3. Authentic Uggs boast a good amount of sheepskin fur within the boot, which provides its unique comfort. If held up next to a fake Ugg, it is clear that less fur is found on the imitation, with a color that is not as deep.

4. It is necessary to measure the proportions of the boot that claims to be a genuine Ugg product against the proportions utilized by the Ugg Shoes-Australia Company. The real Uggs offer a wider heel and a longer and rounder toe area.

5. Ugg Shoes-Australia has their label on the back of their boots, with a printing style that slightly overlaps, and at least two registered trademark symbols on their soles.

6. The box that the boots come in tell a lot as well; the term "UGG Australia" should be seen printed in the middle of the lid, and the entire box should be strong and sturdy.
When all else fails, a buyer may be able to determine the authenticity of Uggs by the price. True Uggs cost at least $267 or 180 Euros.

Should a consumer simply like the look that Uggs offer, they may wish to purposely purchase a knock-off pair. In this case, they will probably spend less than $100 or 67 Euros. The boots may resemble authentic Ugg Shoes-Australia boots from a distance, but they will not be as comfortable, sturdy or as long-lasting, and the fit will probably not be as snug. For a higher investment, the buyer will be assured of much improved quality, better reliability, and a warranty against defects.
However, sometimes it is difficult to find Uggs through normal channels (they have been selling out of current and last year's models). At these times, it is often tempting to turn to other outlets. This is where some buyers are unknowingly sold fake Uggs.

Online auction sites frequently promote "Uggs" as authentic, but it has been found that the buyer does not get what they expected. Some of them are used, and the purchaser is inadvertently buying a personal clothing item that is second hand. Some people feel that this is not hygienic, and would not normally wear another's shoes. But they may be lead to believe that the boots are brand new. Occasionally, with cleaning and deodorizing, boots may appear new on photos, but when they actually arrive, it is clear that they have been worn. Whether they are real or fake Uggs, at this point, becomes secondary to those buyers who now must try to get their money back.

Due to the fact that real Uggs are often hard to come by, authentic Uggs may be auctioned for a much higher than normal price, even if they are used. Again, it will be at the buyer's discretion if they wish to spend much more money for an item that may be now shaped to the contours of someone else's foot.

The best bet is to contact a reputable supplier of Ugg Shoes-Australia for authentic, new, Uggs at the fair market price. Buyers will have assurance of quality and the true luxury experience associated with Uggs.