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RTS - By well-known demand I was thinking of writing a 6 part tutorial on how I do it personally when I want to make more money online. I'm going to show you the steps that I perform and how that works out for me and the outcomes that I have been seeing.

Obtaining began, Niche Investigation
Whatever you do on the internet, and nonetheless you need to make more money you need a niche to focus on. Choosing a niche isn't the hardest component of our course, but picking the best key phrases for it can take days, perhaps weeks. For me it generally takes 12-16 hours to come across a keyword or key phrases that I'm satisfied with. In this initial part we are going to talk about keyword analysis and how why this is so vital. Keep in mind when I use the word keyword or key phrases this can also mean keyword phrase or phrases.

Why do we do keyword analysis at all? Properly basically you'll be able to use whatever keyword you would like but you almost certainly won't make any dollars on it. To have the ability to make more money on a keyword it has to have low competition and also the most usual key phrases with low competition nowadays are the ones with low search volume. You'll be able to use Google's own keyword tool to get a simple overview of your key phrases but you'll find tons of better methods to analyse your keywords competition and your ability to rank for that keyword within the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions) and we will go through them later.

Now what you might be looking for can be a keyword or many key phrases that matches your niche but still has low competition. You want the keywords to have a rather great search volume as well. I typically won't satisfy myself having a search volume below 15,000 searches every month globally. But in case you are targeting several keywords you'll be able to combine them to a search volume of 15000 or up. If you look into a lot lower search volumes, the ranking for those will at times be significantly easier but the traffic you will obtain from the searches are so low that you won't be able to see significantly profit. You wan' t to make more money and not concentrate your efforts on some thing which will pay you $100/month.

In Google's Keyword Tool you may add the column average CPC. This is the amount an ad will price advertisers for that specific keyword. For instance if you are targeting the niche "weight loss" and your keyword is "successful weight loss methods" you might see that the average CPC for your keyword is for instance $1 but the niche ad for "weight loss" is $10. You may still obtain ad placements which will give you the greater CPC since you might be niche targeted to weight loss, although your keyword just isn't weight reduction. So have that in mind as that's extremely important. Google has said that they pay out 60% of the CPC price for advertisers to publishers. So you are going to receive 60% of what you see in that CPC column for every exclusive click every single day.
Competition analysis

Whenever you have discovered your self a keyword or numerous key phrases to go with it's time to really see how simple for you it truly is to rank for that keyword in the SERPs. We are targeting the #1 to #5 placement of the SERPs simply because anything lower than this typically receives really small or no traffic at all. Having the #1 position will provide you with about 50-75% of the traffic for that keyword, #2 will give you 25% and so on.

In case you use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser there is this terrific plug-in referred to as Seo Quake that you'll be able to install. Soon after configuring the plug-in you're able to make searches on Google and below every search you will find some detailed data about your competitors.

Make a search (with the plug-in activated) for "California Auto Insurance" without having the quotes, just a plain simple search as any person would in fact make. Now watch the leading five results and also the data Seo Quake gives under them. You may see the PR which is the Page rank of every result and L which is the number of back links given to that URL from Yahoo Internet site Explorer. You may also see LD which is the number of back links given to the domain it self and also how quite a few pages are indexed. The combination of all four of these is your competition. Page rank is Googles way of ranking a site beginning from 0 t0 10. The greater the page rank, the far more popular, crucial and relevant is the page for the data its offering. Facebook, Google etc are all PR10 sites while CNN and other people may be PR9. These are referred to as high authority websites and gains one of the most trust and value from Google.

Now you might be wondering, what does this have to do with me and my ability to make more money on the internet ? Nicely every thing! Should you have competitors having a high PR and thousands of back links to that particular URL (At times even domain) you are going to come across it really tough to compete. I normally give up on a keyword if its PR3 and up and have back links to the certain URL of far more than 500. You'll be able to target internet websites that have 1-3000 back links also but this will make your job a lot harder.

Prior to we continue let me briefly explain what a back link is for those of you who aren't familiar with that term. A back link is often a link from one more site to your internet site. The value of the back link is measured by the PR of the back link giving page, for example a back link from a PR9 internet site is worth perhaps a 100 or 1000 back links from a PR1 or PR2 web site. When a site links to you it gives its vote to you. The additional votes you have the much more will Google feel that your website is critical and relevant to its content and you'll begin climbing the rankings.
We will go deeper into back links further in this class and how vital it can be for your capability to make more money on the web.

Lets go back to the component about your competition. You'll need to get an overall picture of the keyword difficulty of a particular keyword just before you continue. You will find paid for tools that will make your job a great deal and if anybody is thinking about these tools just let me know and I will surely introduce you to some of them. If your search term gives you much more than 10 000 000 results in Google you are able to also get a fairly fundamental picture that the specific keyword you're targeting might be of high competition.

You have about a week to locate your self the most effective keywords for your project until the next component of this Make More Money On the net: In Depth Technique Component 2 comes out.

Until then, very good luck. I will still post updates on other strategies on the way to make more money online also so make sure to follow me as significantly it is possible to.
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