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Top Ten Reasons to Use Video Streaming Tutorials

Scott Lindsay

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If you have a site that may require some explanation for users to either understand how to use the site or how to gain the most benefit from your product or service then you should really consider the use of video streaming.

Some reasons to consider…

1. It’s on demand. Your site visitors should be able to quickly access the video and pause it whenever they need to. If they leave the site and come back they want to know they can review it again.

2. It’s free. Well, maybe not for you, but it should be to your guests (unless the video stream is a premium service).

3. It clears things up. Your visitors can quickly follow video directions in a way that will make more sense than a written message.

4. It’s sparkly. It should be anyway. You can hire a video production company to develop a graphics based video. They, in turn, can contract with a voice artist to put something together quickly and with relatively little cost.

5. It’s in the message. You can convey a sense of warmth and human responsiveness in a video. This is something that can be missing from most online interaction.

6. It should be condensed. You shouldn’t put a 30-minute video online unless it’s absolutely essential. Your audience wants just enough to get them moving through the site or through a first step. In fact if the information is long you will
need to make multiple short videos that can be digested when the visitor has time.

7. It’s useful. Nothing will turn your potential customer off more than a video that really has no relevance to your product or tells them nothing useful about using the site, product or service.

8. It’s shareable. Place the video on a sharing site so you can encourage visitors to use an embed code so they can put it on their own site or a URL so it can be easily shared. The added benefit is the video will also be available for others to view on a secondary video social media site.

9. It has bonus features. Just like DVDs you should try to include a bonus feature with your video. That doesn’t mean the making of your video or even a blooper reel. That does mean providing a special bonus site link only found at the end of your video. There you can provide additional articles or resources that can help site visitors.

10. It’s easy to understand. Have friends or family review the video script before you start production. Do they understand it? How about enlisting someone who’s never been to your site, can they understand it based on the script? If not keep working on it.

With television shows on demand on the web it makes sense to see online video streaming tutorials as an effective way to introduce yourself, your business and the site that brings it all together. You can do it and the investment may return dividends more quickly than you may believe possible.

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