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All Singapore Pools draws are conducted to the highest standards of integrity and security. To ensure this, the entire Pre, Actual and Post Draw process is witnessed by an independent public accounting firm.
You can view a short clip of our draw process here.
The following uses a Toto draw to illustrate how a typical lottery draw is conducted.

img_step2Step: 1
Prior to the start of a Draw, a specially designed computer software programme randomly selects the Draw Machine and Ball set to be used for the Draw.

img_step3Step: 2
The authorised draw personnel proceeds to unlock and unseal the Draw Equipment Room, in the presence of an independent public accounting firm representative.

img_step4Step: 3
The selected Draw Machine is transferred by authorised personnel to the Draw Hall.

img_step5Step: 4
The selected set of Draw Balls are weighed and checked that their individual weight are within an accepted variance margin. This is to ensure that every ball has an equal chance of being drawn.

img_step6Step: 5
10 minutes before the start of the Draw, the Draw Controller loads the selected Draw Balls into the selected Draw Machine in sequence. A Draw Announcer reads the number as each Ball is loaded into the Draw Machine. This is conducted in the presence of the independent public accounting firm representative and audience.

img_step7Step: 6
At the appointed time, the Draw starts. Trained and authorised Draw personnel from Singapore Pools conduct the draw in front of a live audience, witnessed by an independent public accounting firm.

img_step8Step: 7
In the presence of the independent public accounting firm, the Draw Announcer invites a member of the public to volunteer to assist with the Draw. Upon checking that he/she did not participate in the last 10 Draws, he/she proceeds to press the “START” switch on the control panel.

img_step9Step: 8
At the press of the switch, the Balls spin in the sphere until a Ball is ejected into the selected chamber.

img_step10Step: 9
The number on the ejected Ball is announced and the result recorded. The process is repeated until all winning numbers are drawn.

img_step1 Step: 10
After the Draw and in the presence of the independent public accounting firm representative, the Draw Balls are unloaded from the Draw Machine, arranged in numerical order in the Draw Balls bag and locked away for future Draws.
Authorised draw personnel complete the final steps of recording the winning numbers on the computer system to facilitate the payment of prizes. The official result is verified by the independent public accounting firm representative and released to the media and website. The video recording of the draw is sealed and kept for verification purposes for a period of time.