Singapore Gambling Laws

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Er Te Es - Gambling is an activity that involves placing a bet or a wager. The intent of gambling is to gain money or goods from winning the wager. There are games that typically involve gambling and those include some card games and table games (such as poker). Casinos are facilities that offer various types of gambling games. Individuals also can wager on the outcomes of sporting events at casinos. Gambling is controversial because it can be addictive and can result in major financial losses. Because of gambling's controversial nature, Singapore imposes regulations governing it. Most gambling in the nation of Singapore is prohibited.

Legalized Gambling in Singapore

  • There are minimal opportunities for gambling in Singapore. However, according to the Law Gazette, gambling has existed in the island nation for many years. In the 1820s, the revenue from gambling helped to cover the costs for the police. Currently the Singapore Totalisator Board has control over limited legalized betting on horse-racing and football, as well as the Singapore Sweep Lottery. These gambling activities are the only legal opportunities for gaming in Singapore.

The Betting Act and the Common Gaming Houses Act

  • The Betting Act of Singapore "prohibits betting or wagering on any event or contingency relating to any horse-race or other sporting event" with the exception of the limited activity provided by the Singapore Totalisator Board. It is illegal, under this act, to run any type of private betting establishment in Singapore. The Betting Act also makes it illegal to advertise
    for any gaming house in Singapore, regardless of the location of the gaming house. The Common Gaming House Act prohibits anyone from gambling in a gaming house, either public or private. It also prohibits a person from gaming in public.

Online Gambling

  • Since gambling establishments on the whole are outlawed in Singapore, this begs the question as to whether or not online gambling is permissible in one's own personal residence. A person's home can be acceptable for the occasional game, but if a person regularly takes wagers for others or is habitually gambling, he can be found to be breaking the law. The courts also might determine that it is illegal to gamble online at Internet cafes since these cafes are public places.